10 Things Not To Do When You Travel By Air

When we are travelling by air, all we want is to get to our destination safely and enjoyable as possible. But every now and then, this isn’t the case and we end up getting in our own way. It is quite frustrating that our own actions result in creating issues and problems for us. Although we end up putting ourselves in such situations unintentionally, there are different ways that can help us avoid them. For this reason, we are going to discuss things not to do on a plane in this article. In this way, you can easily avoid getting into any kind of trouble when you travel by air. Read this wonderful article and click here to find more informative content on travelling and destinations.

10 things not to do when travelling by air

travelling by air
travelling by air

In order to travel safely and soundly, you need to be more than a well-mannered traveller. Following are 10 things not to do when travelling by air in the airplane. Avoid these behaviours and mistakes and we guarantee you that you will always find yourself away from all kinds of troubles. These tips can even save your life, so pay attention to this article and make your next flight safe and sound.

Pay attention to the safety briefing before taking off

In every flight, flight attendants provide a safety briefing to their passengers. It is imperative to pay attention to everything they are saying. It doesn’t matter if you have heard them give this briefing a thousand times before, you should always pay attention to them. Their instructions are life-saving, and those few minutes can help you come over any issue in any kind of emergency.

Avoid talking about terrorism and bombs

This point may seem lame to some readers, but it is one of the most important things to know. Never ever talk about bombs when you are or have boarded an airplane. It is also highly recommended not to talk about any kind of weapon, guns, or even things that give bad vibes. People sometimes can crack jokes about terrorism and bombs, or even casually talk about them. However, if they are caught even talking, it will never be good for them.

Don’t force yourself to eat food if you don’t feel like eating

Never force yourself to eat any food item given by the airline staff if you think it is smelly, or unhealthy. It can easily upset your tummy, or even worse it cans make you nauseous.

Avoid drinking alcohol

We can all get taken away by the free drinks that are offered to us in the airplane. However, we should always avoid drinking them, especially alcoholic drinks as it is unhealthy. Also, you wouldn’t want to get any kind of hangover at your destination.

Avoid the intake of any kind of medication

When you are travelling in an airplane, the atmospheric conditions are set artificially. You are flying at a very high altitude and there is always going to be uncertainty that how will your body react to anything at the cruising altitude of an airplane. So for this reason, try not to take any kind of medication when you are flying high in an airplane. If you really need any meds due to your prescription, you need to consult a physician first. You don’t know if the rate of allergies is higher on any altitude or lower. So taking medication may do you more harm than good.

Don’t unnecessarily call the flight attendant

Flight attendants are there for your assistance so that you can enjoy a comfortable journey. It is highly not recommended to call them all the time for even small things as they have a lot of passengers to look after.

Put your carryon bag in the overhead bin you are sitting under

It is recommended to keep your carryon bag always in an overhead bin on top of your seat. I this way, you can keep a good eye on it.

Avoid stretching out your seat during meals

You can always stretch out your seat in an airplane at any time. You are entitled to do that and we encourage you to do that so that you can always stay comfortable when flying towards your destination, especially on long-haul flights. However, it is an etiquette that cannot be taught, but it is easily judged to avoid stretching out your seat at mealtimes. The person sitting right beside you can face some difficulty in eating their own food, or sometimes their food can drop on them due to you stretching out. So before they ask you to be careful, you un-stretch your seat by yourself. It is a very nice gesture on your behalf.

Keep yourself in your own space

It is not a good sign to use the personal space of any other flying companion. You should always keep your hands, feet, or head on your own seat and space available. It is considered highly careless and irresponsible to use anybody else’s space without their consent.

Not being patient when getting off

When you have reached your destination, it is wise to remain calm and be seated until your plane has safely connected its stairs or bridge. There is no point in hurrying to get out of an airplane.

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