5 Reasons You Should Go Trekking Aconcagua

Many of you probably have gone on many expeditions. Basically once in a year or if you are trekking freak then you choose the number of time you want to go but being close to nature is a very important part in this jet era.

Our modern world does not allow any sort of atmosphere which is natural. Everything here is unnatural. People are getting numb living like this.

So it is very important that you take a few days off from your stressful life and go on an expedition.

Now you probably thinking why go on an expedition when you can go for a holiday to relax?

Well, trekking allows you to be free. Like this nature is free from any bondage. We in our daily lives get attached to many things, people etc. So nature will teach you how to be free from all this, at least for the time being.

Now there are lots of mountains which you can trek. But here we will talk about Aconcagua mountain.

In southern and western hemispheres Aconcagua is the highest mountain. It is located in Argentina. It entirely lies immediately east of Argentina’s border with Chile. It is an easy mountain according to mountaineers.

Here are some of the things you need to know before you go for a trekking

Basic Training:

If you are going for trekking you obviously need some basic training.


Because the mountains are as harsh as beautiful.

It will be a long walk, don’t think it to be some sort of relaxation or something like that. So it is best that you start your training as soon as possible. You can start with some basic walking.

Thereafter increase the length you are covering as trekking is a long journey. The best thing to do is to take the stairs every day as some sort of exercise.

As you will be moving upwards so taking the stairs will help your body to adjust with the height.


It means to cope up with the atmosphere. Obviously, in the mountains, you won’t get normal weather as you get on a plane surface. You can not be sure about which weather you are going to walk in. So try to walk in all kinds of weather be it rainy, humid, cold. Once your body gets easily adaptable with the temperature then you will be ready for trekking.


Your body should properly be ready if you wish to go for trekking Aconcagua. If not then there can be severe accidents. Or even one can lose life in this kind of expedition.

Food plays an important role in preparing your body. As you know your food is your body. So the kind of food you are taking should always be measured. Nutrition should be balanced in terms of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Try to eat dry foods because you can not take any food which we eat normally at home.


When you are leaving your homely atmosphere and going outside for a longer period of time then off course you need to be equipped yourself properly. First of all, you need a backpack.

You can either train with a backpack to get comfortable with it. You should carry a good pair of shoes because as you know mountains are as harsh as beautiful. There are agencies and people who can guide you along.


Trekking is best experienced when you go with a group. There are companies who conduct trekking Aconcagua on a yearly basis. They have experienced mountaineers who guide you all along the journey. If you choose them there will be fewer chances of any accidents and any major issues.

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