A Guide for Aspiring Chartered Accountants

The career path of this chartered accountancy has always remained as a prominent career option. Especially for the students who are in commerce after completing schools.

Those who are exceptionally good in mathematics and accountancy, they prefer pursuing chartered accountancy basically. The profession is also known for hours of training along with the academics.

Right after clearing the high school board exams, students can initiate the admission process for this profession. For that, they have to visit the Institute of chartered accountants and then they have to follow the admission process according to the norms that have been set by the institution.

The process can seem quite lengthy, and one has to clear all of the tests in order to be successful in this career. There are few steps that the candidates have to follow generally.

A Guide for Aspiring Chartered Accountants

A Guide for Aspiring Chartered Accountants
A Guide for Aspiring Chartered Accountants
  • CPT

CPT is also known as the Common Proficiency Test. It is the preliminary step and here the students need to appear for a common exam. Well, it is an entry level test that has been focused on basically four subjects. The subjects include accounting, mercantile laws, general economics, and quantitative aptitude.

  • IPCC

Once you are through the CPT, next you will have to head to pursue the first stage that is IPCC also known as the Integrated Professional Competence Course.

Students are allowed to study and get prepared for both of these initial stages of the CA curriculum. Even they are also allowed to decide whether they want to appear in both of the exams along or one after another.

  • Article-ship

This stage is one of the significant stages of this CA curriculum and every single student needs to go through. It is a professional training after clearing the first group of IPCC. It also includes some of the guidelines that are important to be followed.

Before the beginning of this stage, an agreement has to be executed. In that agreement, the students will be introduced with the technicalities of varied assignments.

  • CA final

The name is enough to clarify about this stage. This is the final stage of CA curriculum where the students get into the core of the subjects that include strategic financial management, advanced management accounting, professional ethics, advanced auditing, audit, and information systems control.

Under this final stage, the students are also made proficient in principles of the e-governance, corporate and allied laws, international taxation, and VAT. All of these are important features of that updated subject contents.

The entire process is difficult and in order to complete that successfully, you can consider the centers to be prepared for CA Inter Mock Test. They will also provide you the previous CA Inter Mock Test Papers to understand the structure.

You are supposed to invest a lot of money for this degree and if you are choosing the centers, then they will make sure you clear the test on the first attempt successfully.

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