Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Lights

Nowadays inefficient lights are being gradually flushed out of the market because of their high consumption of energy and are being replaced by energy saving lights that usually consume little energy.

Energy saving lights do shine better, last longer and drastically reduces the amount of energy that is required to power them. These type of lights are a very good choice because they lower your electricity bill.

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Lights

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Lights
LED light bulb and Old-fashioned light bulb

Energy efficient lights usually last up to 10 times longer than the normal traditional light. Energy efficient lights comprises of compact florescent lamp (CFL), LED high bay light white and halogen incandescent.

Energy Efficiency

Like stated above, energy efficient lights are up to 80% much more efficient than the normal traditional lights.  95% of the energy available in energy efficient light are converted to light and just 5% is wasted (as heat), compared to traditional light which convert 90% of energy to heat and just %10 to light.

Energy efficient lights also uses less power than the normal traditional light. Using less energy reduces the demand for use of power from power plants and also decreases greenhouse emissions.

Less Number of Lights Needed

With energy efficient light you don’t have to worry about using a large number of lights because of their to distribute light efficiently. Less energy efficient lights are needed the light an area where it will require much more if using the normal traditional lights.

Also the use of fewer lights will reduce the energy consumption needed for that particular room or area. That’s why it is more efficient to use energy saving lights.

Zero Toxic Elements

Energy efficient lights have zero toxic elements. Fluorescent lights mostly used in some houses and offices contains toxic chemicals such as mercury. This toxic chemicals contaminate the environment.

Using energy efficient lights helps to avoid the cost, health and time implications required to dispose the toxic elements which in turn helps to protect the environment and keep it safe.

Their Life Span is Often Longer

What it means by a longer life span is lower carbon emissions. Energy efficient lights could last up to 6 times longer than the normal traditional lights you can find around, this in turn will reduce the need for frequent replacements.

This also means that there will be a usage of less lights, which also reduces the need for more resources.

These are some of the benefits of using efficient energy lights. Energy efficient lights are not really as new as you may think because they have been around for over 25 years but they became mainstream a few years ago.

Energy efficient lights are also less pricey than traditional lights. Any invention that has to do with reducing the amount of energy we consume should be a welcome development for any nation or country around the world.

What type of light are you using in your homes, factories, warehouses etc. if you are not using an energy efficient light, then you might need to rethink after reading this blog.

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