Building A Smarter Future With Next Generation Technologies

India is the second largest online market in the world with more than 500 million internet users today. Digitization is the word of the hour and the country moves more and more towards embracing next-generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. There are more than 200 AI based startups in India today and the government has allocated more than Rs 3K crore to spearhead work on next-generation technology startups and blockchain.

Building A Smarter Future With Next Generation Technologies

Building A Smarter Future With Next Generation Technologies
Building A Smarter Future With Next Generation Technologies

Importance of Understanding the next generation technologies

Although India wants to digitally empower itself and despite the government’s initiatives, there are several roadblocks. For instance, an Aspiring Minds survey assessing the employability of India’s engineers in 2019, reports that a mere 2.5% of them possess skills in next-generation techs like AI and deep learning.

Hence it is essential to know and understand the potential of next-gen techs like AI and deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence aims to develop machines and create systems which can undertake tasks requiring human intelligence. AI-powered systems essentially work without human interference and that too at a faster rate. It helps organizations to focus on more creative tasks as monotonous and time-consuming works can be given to AI implemented machines and forgotten.

Deep learning is an exponent of artificial intelligence where artificial neural networks which mimic the human brain are used to let the machine learn from massive sets of data. These artificial neural networks are so designed that just like human beings the machines too can learn and adapt by experience. Thus, after each task the machine gains ‘experience’ and tweaks itself to perform better without any human supervision. We approximately create 2.6 quintillion bytes every day and this massive volume of data from the resource for deep learning systems.

Practical instances of AI and Deep learning

AI implemented systems are used in healthcare to speed up diagnosis and in banking to get rid of fraudulent activities. On top of that Deep Learning has been providing smarter solutions like speech recognition and image recognition. Products like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo are based on deep learning systems which can understand a variety of accents and then with time improves their own performances thus active playing the role of assistants without any difficulty. Facial recognition software, Driverless drones and autonomous cars are other sets of examples of how fascinating deep learning is.

In conclusion, we can understand that cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are opening the doorways to a smarter future. Moreover, they also offer lucrative career prospects and especially students in India can seize the opportunity to learn the skills in these next-gen technologies and secure fancy jobs.

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