Can You Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Fur?

Buying a coat every winter seems like the hassle-free thing for most people. As soon as the fall arrives signs declaring sale goes up in almost every store. Special discounts on winter wear and apparel! This business strategy seems to work on most customers as they visit these stores to end up buying something that they considered was a great deal! Though these discounted prices are amazing to look at, are you comparing it with the promised quality? You are not alone.

Most people do not care for the MRP tags once they notice the discounted price. Sadly this scam forces you to think that you are winning the bargain by scoring a fine coat. Cheap clothing material is what you are getting in return for those hard earned dollar bills. To end this quest an intelligent customer needs to invest in a reliable clothing material rather than those cheap knock offs and authentic fur stores Toronto is the only remaining hope.

Original fur

Fur is the ideal winter clothing material. It is soft and fuzzy hence no discomfort and has the ability to withstand harsh temperature falls. However, these stand true for authentic fur only.

Faux fur is just as widely popular as faux leather or silk. The drive to make more profit by handing customers poor material, after all, goes a long way back. So while choosing a fur vest Toronto, you have to be very cautious about the material. Now faux fur is not always coarse. There are in fact high quality synthetic and vegan fur than actually is developed to look and feel like fur. In fact, you will find consumers who are exclusively looking for vegan fur coats in different stores.

Faux fur from a fur cleaning Toronto store is not definite of any particular color and does not give off a different whiff. In fact, this type of fur may appear to be just like real fur and that is fine if you are not picky about the material. But, if you are wishing to purchase a real fur made coat then you must not be fooled by a similar looking cheap copy. To avoid having to be cautious after all there could be either a faulty or a deliberate mix-up from the shop keeper’s end at any point!

Identification process

There are some ground rules that you have to follow in order to make out real fur from faux.

  • Tips – one look at the tips of a fur and you will be able to identify whether it is an original fur repair Toronto coat or not. Original fur is going to have tapered ends that are pointy as it is natural. Faux fur, on the other hand, will have blunt cut where the entire fiber is symmetrical as it has been cut by the machine.
  • Base – part the base of the fur attachment. If the fur is real, then the base is going to have a leathery back. If the fur is faux then it is going to have a material backing that is woven to fixate the fur fibers.
  • Burn fibers – no not the entire fur vest Toronto but take a handful of fibers and yank it from clothing piece. Surely you are going to be able to try it inside a shop but you can definitely do this for the existing pieces at home. If the fur is real then it will singe. If the fur is fake then it will melt. The base material is synthetic so the plastic like composition is going to appear to be a sticky clump rather than burnt hair form.

Select the fur of your choice carefully. Make sure that you are not being fooled into purchasing something you did not agree to.

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