Differentiating Myths from Facts in Cases of Concussion 

There are many mistakes that people make when it comes to dealing with their significant pain and physical distress. This is a very general statement that many people are dealing with.

Physical pain and distress can make you wonder about a lot of things like whether you need the therapy, how important is this going to be? But nevertheless, there are certain patterns and tendencies that will force you to seek some form of medical advice. The trouble is that most of the times the facts you come across randomly is wrong, or a sham altogether. Now everything is fun and games until there is a serious issue at stake. Serious issues like head injury need treatment as soon as possible, and that is when you need to know as much there is to know. With the right form of physio Richmond therapy, you are going to be able to detect how far is the extent.

Differentiating Myths from Facts in Cases of Concussion

Differentiating Myths from Facts in Cases of Concussion 
Differentiating Myths from Facts in Cases of Concussion

Head injury myths

So concussions are very common in most of the patients of head injury. Maybe if you are even residing with a case of concussion. What follows after a case of concussion is some rather peculiar myths about what the various states are. Also, these kinds of myths rather generate panic and dismay on a higher scale that is not necessary at all!

So to eradicate the various kinds of different allegations that are brought on with a concussion, here is a guide on what you have to look past into the main fact rather than rely on myths.

Myth #1 

In case of a concussion, you will definitely lose your consciousness.


This is an utter lie that the stops many people from approaching the physiotherapy Richmond centers in the initial stages of treatment. In fact the more you wait or delay the process, the more dangerous its underlying condition is going to get. A total of only a mere 10% of all concussions are accompanied by a loss of consciousness. Just because you have not passed out, or blacked out, it does not mean that you are safe from a concussion. In fact, if you do happen to had a head injury any time in the past go to the nearest reliable source to get yourself treated.

Myth #2

Wearing a helmet will prevent concussion


Wearing a helmet will protect your head from obtaining skull fractures. However, it is not going to protect you from concussions at all. There are reduced and minimal chances for you to obtain other forms of open-end injuries but that does not guarantee complete protection against concussion.

Myth #3

Only your head injury can result in the formation of concussion


This is another mistake that stops you from achieving proper pain therapy Richmond relief treatment. In fact, you can most likely get a concussion if your body is hurt too. Concussions are deeply formed inside your head and can be a result of the alignment of the body tissues and nerves getting the bad effect of it.

Myth #4

MRI does not show a concussion so that must mean there is not one.


Getting an MRI is a good way to analyze whether or not there have been other significant problems along with a concussion. But not all concussions will show up brightly in the scan. Rather most MRIs fail to show the concussion and its depth.

Only a physiotherapist Richmond team will be able to help you diagnose and take the possible next steps of sorting out the different conditions.

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