All You Need To Know About Mukta Vati – An Ayurvedic Medicine

Mukta Vati is well known Ayurvedic medicine with antidepressant and antihypertensive properties. It is an effective cure for the problem of blood pressure. The Vati helps in controlling the blood pressure, stress, and hence providing a calming effect on your mind.

Mukta Vati Ayurvedic medicine is made from 100% natural herbs and does not have any major side effects on the body. It also acts as a heart tonic and helps the heart to function properly.

Ingredients of Mukta Vati

  • Mukta Pishti
  • Brahmi
  • Arjuna
  • Jata-mansi
  • Ashwagandha
  • Ustukhudusa
  • Sarpgandha
  • Jyotishmati
  • Sankhapushpi
  • Vaca

Benefits of Mukta Vati

  • Insomnia
    Mukta Vati is effective in treating sleepiness problems. If you have insomnia, MuktaVati will help you in soothing your mind by its relaxing herbs like Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Ashwagandha, Mukta Pishti, and Pravalpisthi. The herbs present in Mukta Vati will help you in relaxing your mind, and hence in inducing sleep.
  • High Blood Pressure or Hypertension
    Mukta Vati works effectively in hypertension because of the presence of Jatamansi and Sarpagandha herbs in it. These are great antihypertensive agents and has great relaxing, soothing and stress-reducing properties to reduce your tension.
  • Anxiety
    Anxiety is not good for your health. Mukta Vati helps in relieving your anxiety and stress. The herbs used in it have the properties of anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anti-stress. It provides a soothing effect, and in turn, it helps in relieving your stress.
  • Mental Stress or Irritability
    Mukta Vati has anti-stress and antidepressant herbs which makes it more effective for reducing mental stress. It provides the calming effect and relaxes your mind.
  • Depression
    It is effective in depression and calms mental agitation and irritability. The herbs in Mukta Vati are a great antidepressant agent, and hence due to this property, it is effective for reducing depression.
    Side Effects of Mukta Vati

Mukta Vati medicine usually doesn’t have any severe side effects but, sometimes it may cause minor side effects to your body. The herbs used in Mukta Vati like Sarpagandha or Rauwolfia serpentina sometimes lead to nasal congestion in some people.

Minor side effects of using Mukta Vati medicine are-

  • Dry Mouth.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • The problem in breathing while sleeping
  • Lightheadedness.
  • The feeling of lethargy and discomfort

Mukta Vati is more likely to give side effects when you take it with water. Take the MuktaVati medicine with fresh cow’s milk, or with lukewarm cow’s milk. It helps in preventing any side effects from Sarpagandha herb which is used in the making of Mukta Vati.

This all in one medicine has almost all effective herbs and due to the presence of these herbs, Mukta Vati medicine is proven to be more effective. You can purchase Mukta Vati online or can buy from a local medical store. While using this, you are also required to maintain a healthy lifestyle that consists of a healthy diet, fresh, safe drinking water, plenty of exercises, and enough sleep to restore full balance to the body.

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