The importance of getting a commercial restroom cleaning checklist

While shocking, the poor practices utilized by a number of the establishments emphasizes the need to implement and follow correct protocols to make sure the cleanliness of restrooms.

The Economic Impact of Dirty Restrooms.

The importance of maintaining clean restrooms in commercial place applies more than hotels. An unclean restroom experience will impact many types of companies, particularly those who welcome guests, like restaurants and other hospitality establishments.

It’s estimated that 3 in 10 restaurants patrons who have a negative experience with a bathroom would never return again, and 50% of those with a bad experience said they would share about it with others. Such feedbacks can take on the form of a simple conversation, a shared photo on social media, a negative Yelp review or an exhaustive online rant that goes viral.

The impact of a dirty public restroom is evident. But what about restrooms for workers in an office environment or manufacturing facility?

How to Develop a Restroom Cleaning Checklist?

Clearly, it’s necessary to have set protocols and care of your restrooms, no matter what form of business you run. While your specific wants and the frequency of maintenance might vary, here’s a basic rundown of the types of duties you’ll need to make sure are covered on a routine basis.


  • Inspect paper dispensers and dryers to ensure they’re in working order
  • Disinfect and empty feminine hygiene dispensers and restock with new liners
  • Disinfect door handles and stall locks, both inside and out
  • Clean and shine mirrors
  • Check that all light bulbs are working


    • Wipe down stall doors, cabinetry and any hardware inside and out
    • Dust all surfaces, light fixtures and light bulbs
    • Where applicable, clean any windows
    • Check faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks
    • Inspect drains to ensure they remain clog-free


  • Wipe down walls to get rid of dust and particles that hold surface
  • Deep clean floors and scrub any grout and tiles
  • Clean baseboards, trim and tops of doors
  • Look up! Clean overhead fixtures like ceiling fans, vents, lighting and sprinklers

Encourage Diligence:

It’s also necessary to encourage workers to be diligent regarding maintaining clean and properly functioning restrooms to assist uphold your company’s reputation and make sure the safety and health of others.

If they notice that a trash receptacle is full or that a stall needs attention, let them know they’re empowered and expected to bring it to the attention of your facilities maintenance team or cleaning service provider.

Asking employees to handle “bathroom duties” might not be in your company’s best interests or that of your workers.

Routine maintenance is time-consuming and can detract from your employee’s productivity and overall morale.

To reduce the burden on your employees, save money on cleaning supplies and maintain your company’s reputation, leave the cleaning chores to the commercial cleaning company who are experts at office cleaning service. For a free, no-obligation consultation and assessment of your needs, you can also reach out to commercial cleaning companies. They’re always glad to help.

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