Before deciding on settling down, mostly every couple has gone through all kinds of ups and downs. So all they wish for is a happily ever after marriage.

But that is not always the case. From time to time, conflicts occur, build up tension, and pave the way for an unhappy marriage.

So, it is vital that the husband and wife acknowledge their problems and actively seek solutions to stay as fresh as a newly-wed couple.

Here, I will guide you through a to-do list of things you should do to keep the fire burning in your marriage.

10 Things You Should Do

#1: Surprise your love now and then

Unexpected gifts are the best gifts. It does not necessarily have to be their birthdays that you do something for them. Fancy things are cool. But here is what you need.

A simple note with words of love is enough to make them laugh nonstop. Breakfast in bed with things they like can make their whole day full of joy and energy.

Just try, and you will see how minor surprise can bring significant happiness!

#2: Listen

If you already know how to listen, both verbally and non-verbally, that is good. Keep up the good work. In case you do not, then acquire the skill right away.

Only by listening can you know what your partner’s real needs are, understand their heart and straight your way to a fulfilling marriage.

#3: Say “I love you.”

What you do not know is just those simple words could bring back memories of the first kiss, the first confession, the first shared meal, the wedding day,. 

Your spouse should always be reminded of your love for them.

It is such a common saying that many of us have underestimated its impact. Every time one says “I love you” and means it, his/her marriage is strengthened a little more!

#4: Forgive

We are all humans, aren’t we? We are not perfect; and, we make mistakes, often.

Of course, It is not easy to let go of the pains but remember never to let them take over you and ruin the rest of your marriage. Think it, at the end of the day, your loved one is your happiness, not your ego!

Forgiveness and understanding will undoubtedly bring harmony to your relationship.

#5: Be respectful and honest

It is not that your husband/wife expects anything from you when they do things for you. But it is your job that you show them appreciation for even the smallest thing.

Forever and always highlight the things that he/she is good at to show that you acknowledge their values fully and wholeheartedly.

Respect builds trust. Appreciation builds confidence. Remember that.

Another thing, if you are having an uneasy time or you are displeased with your partner at some points, do not hesitate to discuss it with them. 

Communication is the key to any working relationships.

Never make assumptions of the other and reach false decisions.

#6: Make quality time together

My readers, I know that we are all having so many things to worry about in life. From home to office, you need to satisfy from your kids to your bosses.

But bear in mind, it is your marriage that is your priority. Try to get all distractions out of the way of getting meaningful time with your partners. 

Never ever sit on the couch together but have your eyes glued on television and not even say a single word; or miss his/her call because you are engrossed in your mobile game.

Set time for your significant other first before moving on to your other interests,…

#7: Always go to bed together

You heard me right. Always go to sleep at the same time, even though it means you have to wait for the other half to finish his/her work. 

This will allow couples to have some time for pillow talks before bed, which in turns increase attachment and voluntary intimacy between one another. 

Also, give your partner warm cuddles and nice massage. After fighting a hard day at office, your service would send him/her to heaven.

#8: Set goals together

It is all good when you have the motivation to do something. 

As a couple, setting goals carries the meaning of holding the future together and highlights the bonding between partners.

Write down different goals in every area of your life. They can be ones related to financial issues, traveling ideas, family housing,.. 

Just talk with each other, discuss your goals, and get excited about it together.

But bear in mind, avoid conflicts at all means when you have a different viewpoint with your spouse. You don’t want to put your marriage at risk, do you?

#9: Hold hands

It has been shown that small acts of affection are fundamental in keeping the fire burn in a marriage.

It does not matter how long have you been married, how many kids you have had, never ever stop showing affection for your other half. It could be gestures as small as holding hands, patting head, tucking her hair behind her ear,… 

All these small things are proof for your partner that your love for them is unchanged and that you care and adore them so much.

#10: Kiss and hug 

As time flies and relationship grows, sometimes, you may forget how you once passionately shared a kiss with your significant other. 

Teach yourself to kiss your partner when you come back home or leave for work, when you go out on for a picnic, or when you are driving.

Give them frequent hugs, too. Slightly scrub them in their backs, caress them and whisper them sweet words.

Trust me; these things will help a lot in connecting two hearts!

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Final thought

Whatever phase you are in your marriage, these tips are vital. Master them, and you will find it extremely easy to start the fire and keep it burning eternally with your relationship.

My fellow friends, I hope you enjoy this article. Wish to see you back soon!

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