What Kind of Drill is used for Cutting Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is a modern-day design alternative to traditionalistic & outdated ordinary glass.

  • Diamond Dusted Drill for sharp polish cut

The diamond-dusted drill bits are designed to drill through hard plastics and are one of the most ideal bits for efficiently drilling through these modernistic sheets. The exterior of the bit is bonded with diamond dust coating which augments its sharpness and polishes its cutting edge. The most amazing feature of these drills is its stack drilling feature.

These bits can drill through multiple layers of plastic sheets in an efficient and precise manner. With the right set of tool and a correct drilling technique, piercing through these modernistic sheets becomes fairly easy and less time-consuming. The only downside to the diamond-dusted drill bits is its low availability as these bits are incredibly hard to find in average hardware & home improvement stores.

  • Plastic Drill Bits Great for Single Layer Glass Sheet


The modernistic polymer which had replaced the outdated & traditionalistic glass can be effectively drilled by plastic drill bits. These simple drills serve as a great Plexiglass cutter and are perfect for shaving or scraping the modernistic sheets layer by layer. As compared to the diamond dusted drill bits, they don’t have the feature of stack drilling but do effectively drill through a single layer of glass sheets.
Similarly to the first one, these drill bits do also work the best at an angle of O degree rake and are more common than the diamond dusted drill bits. You can find these bits easily in hardware and home improvement stores which give them an edge over other cutters used for drilling through the modernistic & delicate glass sheets.

  • Modified Drill Bits

Buying in new contemporary drill bits is not the only resolve when it comes to drilling through large Plexiglass sheets. Sometimes, old & traditional drills can also be used to effectively drill through the delicate sheets of contemporary glass. A few slight alteration & modifications can help transform the traditionalistic drill bits into contemporary Plexiglass bits. When it comes to drilling, the key is to scrape away the unneeded part without disrupting the geometry of the surrounding.

The modified drill bits can be easily prepared by grinding off the small flats located around the cutting edge section of the bit. The major problem with traditional bits is it holds on to the material which results in fragmentation. This minor modification can help resolve this issue of grabbing & material fragmenting and make the drill bits ideal for scrapping through the unwanted sheets of modernistic glass.

The best way to check if the alteration work is to test it on a sheet of glass. Two continuous spiral ribbons of glass sheets flying through the hole is an indication modification worked perfectly.

Most Essential Plexiglass Drilling Tips

The drill speed is the most essential element in Plexiglass sheets drilling whose control can do wonders for you.

Regulating the drill speed is the key to drilling success while unregulated fast-paced drilling is a clear indicator of failure. The modernistic glass sheets start to melt with the rise in temperature and fast-paced drilling is surely the best way for ruining up your glass sheets.

It is essential to practice patience and use lubricants or liquid to regulate and control the temperature while drilling. In addition to this, it is advisable to drill a hole larger than the screws as tight-fitted holes could lead to material grabbing and unrequired fragmentation.

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